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Condo and HOA Cases

Since 2016, one particular section within the Michigan Condominium Act has been the source of repeated litigation in Michigan trial and appellate courts – Section 67, or MCL 559.167. When initially enacted, MCL 559.167 was designed to curtail the problem of Michigan condominium projects that

A recent survey by the Community Associations Institute’s Foundation for Community Research reported that 91% of community association managers and HOA board members reported seeing unexpected increases in operating expenses due to inflation. While cost increases are inevitable, it appears that condominium and homeowners associations

Recent Amendments to The Michigan Marketable Record Title Act and How to Avoid the Extinguishment of Restrictive Covenants Michigan’s Marketable Record Title Act, MCL 565.101, et seq., has been around since 1945, yet many homeowners associations are unaware of the Michigan Marketable Record Title Act and


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