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Michigan Court rules that Homeowners Association did not violate Fair Housing Act in refusing fence for emotional support and service dogs

In Fox Bay Civic Assn, Inc v Creswell, unpublished opinion of the Court of Appeals, issued May 30, 2019 (Docket No. 343384), the Michigan Court of Appeals held that a homeowners association could enforce its deed restrictions banning fences and that a disabled owner could not erect a fence in order to keep her emotional support and service dogs in

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Court rules that Michigan HOA cannot collect assessments after restrictive covenant expires

In Deghetto v Beaumont’s Seven Harbors White and Duck Lack Association, issued June 22, 2017 (Docket No. 330972) (Unpublished Opinion), the Michigan Court of Appeals recently ruled that a homeowners’ association could not continue to collect assessments after the restrictive covenant expired. In Deghetto, the plaintiffs were the owners of multiple lots in six separate subdivisions in Highland Township, Michigan

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Kevin Hirzel interviewed on the HOA News Forum Podcast on May 30, 2017

It was great to be a guest on the HOA News Forum Podcast on May 30, 2017!  A link to the podcast can be found here.  Topics that were discussed are as follows: 1. What are the most common disputes in condominium and homeowners associations? Unauthorized Modifications to the Common Elements Sensory Offenses – Smells and Noises Common Element Repair

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