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MI Court rules that MCL 559.208 does not protect a Condominium Association’s lien priority after taking a deed in lieu of foreclosure

In Stonehenge Condominium Association v Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, NA, unpublished opinion of the Court of Appeals, issued July 24, 2018 (Docket No. 339106), the Michigan Court of Appeals held that a condominium association’s lien priority over a second mortgage was extinguished when the association received a deed to the condominium unit from the co-owner instead of

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Wi-Fi issues in your condominium association or HOA

Wi-Fi has become a necessity for almost anyone who lives in a condominium association.  However, the law is often slow to evolve to new technologies and many master deeds or declarations were drafted before Wi-Fi even existed.  As a result, potential legal issues related to Wi-Fi use are rarely addressed in the governing documents of community associations. Accordingly, condominium and

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HB 5440: Michigan HOA’s could not prohibit the display of the American or State Flag

Michigan House Bill 5440 was introduced on January 24, 2018. HB 5540 would prohibit a Michigan homeowner’s association or neighborhood association from prohibiting the display of the United States flag or the state flag of Michigan. HB 5540 provides as follows: Sec. 1. A local unit of government shall not adopt or enforce an ordinance, resolution, rule, or regulation that

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