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The Michigan Community Association Law Blog

Most homeowners associations require that owners within the subdivision be members of the association.  While these types of homeowner associations are the norm, they are not the only type of homeowners associations in existence.  A voluntary homeowners association is just that, an HOA where membership

School’s out for the summer! For many condominium and homeowners associations with families, the long summer days mean more families and children utilizing recreational facilities and common areas, such as clubhouses and swimming pools. Concerned about the safety of children who use these areas, condominium

One of the many benefits of buying property in a homeowners association is that the homes are often more valuable than homes located in non-deed restricted communities.  Architectural control restrictions in restrictive covenants often play a significant role in increasing and maintaining property values in

The Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA) require condominium associations to make reasonable accommodations to disabled co-owners under certain circumstances.  However, condominium associations should keep in mind that co-owners are not entitled to every accommodation that is requested.  Rather, co-owners are only entitled to accommodations that


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